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    Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach is situated 12 kilometers south east of Whitianga on the Coromandel east coast. 10 million years ago the area had volcanic activity in the form of Rhyolitic Volcanoes mainly in the area from Kapowai north of Hot Water Beach to Waihi in the south.
Thousands of meters below the earths surface hot molten magma is still cooling down. Water seeping through fissures in the base rock leach down to the hot molten magma only to be sent back to the surface as hot water.
At low tide the hot mineral water seeping up through the sand attracts large numbers of visitors every day wanting to bath in this natural phenomenon.

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Sometimes Tangaroa (the god of the sea) will not cooperate with us and regretably from time to time we will have to cancle a trip to the hot pools. But with Nicks local knowledge and understanding of Tangaroas moods, Nick can usually give a 24 hour warning.

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